About TimeLimit Coaching


Time is a concept we are all taught from an early age. Our caregivers and teachers instill in us the need to be on time, and most activities in our lives are time based. 

As we get older, we are acutely aware of how fast time seems to go, and we realise at some point that living our fullest, and best life is dependent on the time we have, and how we use it.

The TimeLimit name is simply a reminder that we are all limited by the time we have on earth, so it’s important to use our time wisely, doing the things we love, and spending time with people we care about. 

TimeLimit Coaching was created by Julian Watling, with the specific aim to support people to improve their physical and mental health and wellness. 


Our health coaching and recovery coaching services are designed to build resilience and capacity in first responders, frontline workers and NDIS participants. We work with identified objectives and goals of individual clients to improve health and wellness. 

Back to Basics

The Back to Basics Program was designed specifically for first responders and frontline workers to teach lifelong skills to help maintain and enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Participants also learn to identify key lifestyle areas and develop strategies to achieve balance and personal growth, with particular focus on mental health, managing relationships, healthy social life, and learning to make health choices. 


Rucking takes the concept of walking for wellness one step further, and introduces increased resistance for additional benefits.

At its most basic level, rucking is simply filling a backpack (or rucksack) with some weight, and going for a walk.  It’s harder than just walking (three times more energy burned), but not as stressful on the body as running. 

TimeLimit Jules


The TimeLimit Values 

1. Take control of your health and identity.

2. Find your tribe/mob and embrace their support.

3. Deepen your spiritual connection.

4. Have a strong purpose for living.

5. Eat mostly plants, not too much.

6. Show gratitude and kindnes.

7. Schedule downtime daily. 

8. Put loved ones first.

9. Move naturally.

10. Trust your gut.