Every March test your mettle by joining the virtual Ruck March tour. Sometimes the simplest challenges in life are the hardest, and the best. 
31 days, 31 stages, 31+ hours of rucking. (If that seems like too much, check your screen time for the last month and think again!)
One category - you versus everyone.
The brief is simple:
Every day during March 2023 there will be rucking stage based on time and weight.
Put the required weight in your ruck, walk for the designated amount of time, record it in your favourite app then upload your results to the RuckMarch MMXXIII group on Facebook. 
Prizes will be awarded for overall winners (greatest distance covered), stage winners (greatest distance covered), and patches for all finishers of the full 31 stages.
Stage times and weight required will be published here and on Facebook one week prior to the start of the event.
Hint - prepare for any possibility from 15 mins to 6 hours, and everything in between.
All proceeds will fund the ongoing administration of the free Back to Basics program for first responders and front line workers.
Thank you for your support.