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What is health coaching?

As your health coach, I work in partnership with you and your health professionals to achieve your personal wellness goals.

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Man lifting backpack off his shoulders, signifying lifting the weight of the world.

Back to Basics

The only free health coaching program designed by a front line worker, just for first responders and front line workers.

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What is Rucking?

Walking for wellness.....on steroids. Rucking has all the benefits of walking, as well as a whole range of added benefits. It's your personal gym in a backpack.

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Meet Coach Jules

TimeLimit Jules is a certified IIN Health Coach, Level 2 Running/Rucking Coach and founder of the TimeLimit Rucking Club.

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  • "Julian has been supporting me over the past eighteen months with his back to basics program. I suffer from work related mental health and addictions and this program has motivated me to get out of the house and participate in the community more. Regular rucking, support with nutrition and general health concerns and managing the day to day pressures in life have been a huge help. My day to day life has improved heaps." Danny

  • "I have learned the benefits and importance of crowding out while ensuring I have time each day to reflect on what I want from or have already done that day. My time management skills have greatly increased as some days are not as easy as others to find time." Joe

  • "A great communicator, and great listener, who has turn his life experiences and challenges into a system of trust and belief in yourself." Chris

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