What is Health Coaching










As your health coach I am committed to the use of evidence based interventions to support and empower your individual wellness transformation.

I will help you learn to look at health holistically, and work towards a greater quality of overall health, by guiding you through the steps of long term behaviour change. 

 I promise to help you identify and move towards your personal wellness goals by:

- building self-awareness of feelings, mind-sets and behaviours;

- exploring areas of life that might be out of balance;

- setting effective and achievable goals;

- identifying perceived barriers;

- implementing healthy lifestyle changes; and

- helping you stay accountable to yourself.  

As your health coach I will be utilising the principles of bio-individuality, primary nutrition, secondary nutrition, and crowding out to help you achieve your goals.* 

I will also work in partnership with you and your health & fitness professionals to help you implement their recommendations, with strategies that work for you. 

I can’t wait to take this journey with you!