The Rucking Streak

The Rucking Streak was created by TimeLimit Jules in 2019 as a month long rucking challenge to ruck at least one mile everyday. It was based on the running streak, which requires participants to run at least one continuous mile each day for as long as they can. 

Similar to the running streak, the rucking streak involves rucking for at least one continuous mile, every day, without skipping a day. 

The only rules are that the rucker must carry a weighted backpack (any weight) and the ruck (walk) must be continuous (allowing for pauses eg stoplights) and commenced before the end of each calendar day (local time where you are located). 

If you travel to a different time zone you must complete your daily mile within the 24 hour period of your home time zone.

Injured streakers who are unable to physically walk on their own may use assistance to complete their daily rucking mile. For example, if you break your leg and restricted to a wheelchair, you can carry your ruck with you and wheel yourself one mile, or get assistance if you need to.

Rucking is all about teamwork. The rucking streak is about physically getting that mile done every day and whether you do it on your own, or you need help doesn't matter.

In a physical group ruck, where one of the unspoken rules is 'no-one is left behind', other ruckers may need to help a fellow rucker make the distance by sharing the load or physically supporting them.

Ruck streaking is the same. If you need help to get your daily mile done, ask for help, or let your close friends and family know about your commitment to a rucking streaking commitment so they can help you get your mile done if you're incapacitated. 

Current rucking streaks are recorded below. 

Streaks are only added to this list once they are of 100 days duration or more.  

This table is updated on the 1st of each month (AEST)


1 Julian Watling AUS 1,709
2 Joe Molinari USA 1,708
3 Lincoln Watling AUS 1,606
4 Jen Stecher Parkinson USA 1,554
5 Leonora Jackson AUS 721
6 Jeremy St.Hilaire USA 414
7 Anita Halvorson USA 348
8 Daniel Smith AUS 111
Last Updated:  3 April 2024 (AEST)


The following rankings apply to ruck streaks of various durations:

Beginner 100
Novice 500
Graduate 1,000
Expert 1,500
Master Rucker 2,000
Grand Master Rucker (GMR) 4,000
GMR II 6,000
GMR III 8,000
GMR IV 10,000
GMR V 12,000



Links to useful equipment

GORUCK Rucker Backpack

5.11 TACTICAL Rush 12 Backpack.

RUCKSTRAPS.  Rucking straps


You can find out more about the running streak (if you're interested) at: